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ALL-DHT-13493 Approvedline
Sèyo Biomécanique Series
Approvedline proudly presents: Sèyo Biomécanique Series Der Bieler Sèyo (geb. 1969), Vater zweier Kinder, ist professioneller Künstler der Graffiti-Sprayer Bewegung und zählt zu den Pionieren in Europa. Auf unterschiedlichem...
 79.00 *
SKT-AYE-13496 Carver
Oracle Complete CX
Featuring a classic thumbnail template, it's wide where it counts and pulled in where it can be to give this board a balance of maneuverability on the flats and speed on the hills. 9 3/4 wide 6 1/4" tail 3 1/2" nose 17"...
 359.00 *
SKT-AYC-13492 Carver
Yago Skinny Goat Complete C7
You know a nickname will stick once your friends start laughing - and Yagos is the Skinny Goat. Because Yago was already riding Carver he knew what he wanted; a 17 wheelbase to match his surf stance and a double-kick deck for progressive...
 399.00 *
SKT-AYB-13491 Carver
Impala Complete C5
Inspired by the classic 1970's lowrider favorite, the thinner 8 1/2" template keeps it light, with a bit more room at the nose for wide stance carving. For years we've been blending surf and skate, but as surfskate progresses and...
 309.00 *
Receive Alien Workshop
Alien Workshop Receive
 79.00 *
Back to the Badlands Creature
Back to the Badlands
Creature Back to the Badlands A new dose of 7-ply evil from the fiends at Creature Skateboards. The Badlands series is an unholy collaboration between artist Kevin Walsh and the overlords at Creach. Eight pro boards in this series means...
 89.00 *
ALL-CMV-191 Carver
Haedron No.3 30" C7 Complete
While we all want that "magic" board that is beautiful and performs, we also want to preserve our diverse forests with a responsible use of premium materials. Carver has sourced a manufactured exotic veneer series that provides...
 399.00 *
ALL-CMU-191 Carver
Swallow 29" CX Complete
The 29 Swallow has been one of our favorite boards for years and a staple in the Carver quiver. This little board handles like its namesake, fast and loose. The combination of short and wide is magic, because the shorter wheelbase makes...
 309.00 *
ALL-CKJ-23 Santa Cruz
Screaming Hand Curb Wax
Santa Cruz Screaming Hand Curb Wax Your local curbs are screaming to get painted in Santa Cruz's new Screaming Hand wax! Fresh Bubble gum smell and it fits in your back pocket. Primary Graphic: Screaming Hand Item Description: Curb Wax
 9.00 *
ALL-CJJ-3593 Viking
Speed Series Hi Fly 83mm 80A
Die 'Speed Series' ist die technische Linie von Viking Wheels. Das Hi Fly 83mm 80A ist ein schnelles Longboard Wheel, welches guten Grip hat und sich dennoch sliden lässt, wenn nötig. Preis / Set (4 Rollen)
 79.00 *
Icarus Complete Loaded
Icarus Complete
The Loaded Icarus: The carving board, reimagined. SHOW LESS Loaded pioneered the flexible dropthru board with the Dervish in 2007 and the Tan Tien in 2010. Weve returned to our carving roots using many of the things learned over the past...
 479.00 *
STF Burney V5 Bones
STF Burney V5
Wheel Core: No Wheel Diameter: 55mm Wheel Width: 32mm Wheel Hardness: 83B Wheel Formula: STF Wheel Color: White Wheel Suggested Use: Street Wheel Surface: Treaded Wheel Shape: V5 ABOUT STREET TECH FORMULA™ (STF) Street Tech Formula™...
 59.00 *
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