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- 10 % RTM 7.6 mit FDT Platte mit Marker FDT TLT 10, 80mm 3-10 RTM 7.6 mit FDT Platte mit Marker FDT TLT 10,...
 709.00 *  790.00 *
- 51 % F16-409-764-616 Ragnarok
Ragnarok R.Series | All-Access Big-Mountain The Ragnarok takes the concept and vision of its originator Fred Syversen and creates its own cutting edge category, the Fun-Charger. With extensive re-working of the rocker profile and...
 459.00 *  939.00 *
- 53 % F16-408-764-190 Director
Director Introducing the new Generation.2 Revisions. Maintaining the mid-fat 107mm waist of its predecessor, the new Director brings a revised rocker profile, flex pattern and shape to the blend. Fulfilling the requirement for a playful,...
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- 52 % F16-407-764-145 One
One The One is designed as an all-mountain freestyle ski that works equally well all over the mountain. A popular ski in half pipe contests around the globe, the ample side cut and torsional rigidity grips the wall whilst the Carbon...
 329.00 *  679.00 *
- 52 % F16-406-764-122 Ranger
The Ranger is Whitedots most versatile all-mountain ski. It is the ideal choice for groomed trails, side and backcountry terrain. We designed this ski to be both great for longer radius turns on groomed trails whilst being able to reach...
 439.00 *  919.00 *
- 53 % F16-405-764-615 Preacher
Preacher Our over-sized all-mountain, single quiver, cambered, ski. The Preacher has won independent ski tests, Freeride World Tour podium places and professional athlete accolades. But more importantly this ski will take first time...
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- 51 % F16-404-764-174 Redeemer
As Whitedots flagship powder ski, the Redeemer is an adaptable and dependable friend in the big mountains. Born out of collaboration with professional athletes from Chamonix, Mayrhofen and Verbier it is a truly rider influenced design....
 459.00 *  939.00 *
- 25 % F16-058-764-152 Infinity
Infinitely proven worldwide by riders of all levels. The award winning, mid flex, time tested Infinity is perfect for any condition. Carbon VXR Laminate Technology provides power and an agile response to the ends of board while keeping...
 576.75 *  769.00 *
- 25 % F16-403-764-3 Halldor Helgason Pro Model
Viking power! The signature Switchback Halldor Pro Model Snowboard Bindings are a killer set of boot clamps that offer pro-level support wherever Halldor takes his talents. When he's descending the rolling mountains of Norway, taking to...
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- 26 % F16-402-764-2 UP Womens Combo
Top of the range women's freestyle bindings from Switchback. Perfect for shredding the whole mountain. The Switchback Up women's is the premim women's binding in the Switchback line and has been designed with two things in mind: Comfort...
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- 27 % F16-400-764-3 Forever Combo
Forever freestyle. These bindings come packed with highly padded and canted C Pads for a more anatomically fitting design for freestyle stances. The Standard Highbacks are set with minimal forward lean so they don't interfere with your...
 189.00 *  259.00 *
- 27 % F16-399-764-2 Feeler Womens Combo
The Feeler is the most forgiving, freestyle binding for females. The integrated baseplate padding generates a sensitive touch with the board and subtle cushioning. The Midback Highbacks minimize calf bite and the Miller Straps are all...
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