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F16-059-764-98 Never Summer Aura
The Aura was the first board in the womens lineup to feature the new Ripsaw Rocker Camber Profile. This trendsetter has a mid-firm flex, Carbonium Topsheet, directional shape, Vario Power Grip Sidecut, and enhanced stability with a sleek...
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F16-057-764-106 Never Summer West
The West is a different kind of animal. This dynamic snowboard is quickly becoming one of our most popular models. Our aggressive enhanced Ripsaw Rocker Camber Profile, NS SuperLight Wood Core, and mid flex, makes the West extremely...
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F16-056-764-105 Never Summer Proto Type 2
The Proto Type Two is a perfect asymmetrical combination of the Funslinger and Ripsaw. Derived from the twin Proto HD, the new Proto Type Two takes the existing Proto HD core for a perfect mid flex, adds the Ripsaw Rocker Camber Profile...
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F16-054-764-145 Never Summer Twenty Five
Weve created a special, limited edition classic for our 25th Anniversary that embodies Never Summers reputation of quality, performance and durability. The Twenty Five is the perfect blend for the hard charging freerider, reminiscent of...
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F15-2VS-13390-83 Head Vector 110 W white/anth-green
Beschreibung FLEX 100/90 Leisten 100 mm @ 26.5 Dynamischer Bi-Injektionsrahmen Einfacher Einstieg in die Schale Racing Flex-Einstellung Single Canting Einsetzbarer Heckspoiler Form Fit, Evo Balance innenschuh EVO Perfect Fit PRO...
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F17-244-764-3 Switchback Bindings Halldor Helgason Pro Model
Viking power! The signature Switchback Halldor Pro Model Snowboard Bindings are a killer set of boot clamps that offer pro-level support wherever Halldor takes his talents. When he's descending the rolling mountains of Norway, taking to...
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F17-238-27-292 Völkl RTM 7.4 mit Marker FDT TLT 10, 80mm 3-10 red
 619.00 *  690.00 *
F16-409-764-616 Whitedot Ragnarok
Ragnarok R.Series | All-Access Big-Mountain The Ragnarok takes the concept and vision of its originator Fred Syversen and creates its own cutting edge category, the Fun-Charger. With extensive re-working of the rocker profile and...
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F16-408-764-190 Whitedot Director
Director Introducing the new Generation.2 Revisions. Maintaining the mid-fat 107mm waist of its predecessor, the new Director brings a revised rocker profile, flex pattern and shape to the blend. Fulfilling the requirement for a playful,...
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F16-407-764-145 Whitedot One
One The One is designed as an all-mountain freestyle ski that works equally well all over the mountain. A popular ski in half pipe contests around the globe, the ample side cut and torsional rigidity grips the wall whilst the Carbon...
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