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W18-164-147-3 Flow
OMNI TOTAL COMFORT, PREMIUM PERFORMANCE Women who want a responsive binding, with an accent on support and comfort want the OMNI. The low, wide reverse-cut of the asymmetrical 1-piece UniBack highback gives ideal flexibility and support,...
 329.90 *
W18-165-5-136 Nidecker
Flow Micron Boa
MICRON BOA Easy, Cool, Functional Built with high-value materials and a clean, functional design, this is the best fitting and easiest to use kids boot on snow. The Boa® Closure System means no laces left dragging through the dirt and it...
 189.90 *
W18-163-5-4 Flow
FUSE-GT QUALITY ENGINEERING, EFFORTLESS RIDING Featuring a molded, glass-filled Nylon baseplate, the FUSE-GT is lightweight and responsive, with just the right stiffness and support for all-mountain riding. The ModBack with...
 379.90 *
NX2 Flow
NX2 PRECISION DESIGN, ALL-MOUNTAIN VERSATILITY The NX2 is for all-mountain riders needing a stiff, responsive binding with lots of support. Our Glass-filled Nylon ModBack with asymmetrical SupportPanel and our Active Strap Technology...
 429.90 *
W18-160-5-50 Nidecker
Flow Ranger Boa
RANGER BOA Premier Comfort and Fit This is a softer flexing model with a clean, functional design for riders looking for a comfy, performance-oriented, great value boot. It features an asymmetrical collar, reverse-cut liner with N-Foam...
 229.90 *
W18-158-5-2 Now Snowboarding
CONDA A HIGH PERFORMANCE, AWARD WINNING BINDING FOR THE GIRLS. RIP. IT. UP. Top-tier binding with unbeatable performance. The perfect match for hard-charging lady shreds. BINDING OF CHOICE FOR: HELEN SCHETTINI CONDA TECH Skate-Tech...
 349.90 *
W18-157-34-2 Now Snowboarding
IPO VERSATILE, NIMBLE AND PLAYFUL MOUNTAIN CHARGER The perfect match to your kit, the all-mountain/freestyle binding is more like your shred soulmate-This is a must have in your shred arsenal. BINDING OF CHOICE FOR: JF PELCHAT, COLIN...
 259.90 *
W18-156-4-2 Now Snowboarding
Now X Yes
NOW + YES. THE BINDING COLLABORATION The all-mountain/freestyle binding of choice for the YES team, and built with the best technical binding advancements NOW is known for. BINDING OF CHOICE FOR: DCP, JP SOLBERG NOW + YES. TECH...
 299.90 *
W18-155-5-2 Now Snowboarding
PILOT THE ALL-MOUNTAIN, FREESTYLE BINDING Perfect freestyle binding thats ideal for those looking to assault the mountain top to bottom. Let the Pilot lead the way. BINDING OF CHOICE FOR: IIKKA BACKSTROM, TODD RICHARDS PILOT TECH...
 349.90 *
W18-154-5-2 Now Snowboarding
Drive by JJ
DRIVE BY JJ A RESPONSIVE, POWERFUL GAME CHANGER If its power and response youre after, look no further. From heli descents to hitting everything the mountain has to offer, the Drive will get you there. BINDING OF CHOICE FOR: JEREMY...
 429.90 *
W18-125-5-3 K2
DESCRIPTION & SPECS The K2 Sonic is your go-to for a good-looking and well-built binding, that helps you ditch the rental gear and focus on whats important, having fun! The Pro-Fusion™ Chassis is tough and responsive, while the full EVA...
 199.00 *
W18-124-5-3 K2
DESCRIPTION & SPECS If youre looking for a comfortable all-around performer at a price that wont drain the bank account...look no further. Primed for burning park laps, laying deep carves, and navigating through tight trees, the K2 Indy...
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